Greek Poet      ILIAS   FOUKIS
Poetry is the voice of the Gods

Wednesday, February 2, 2022



Welcome again, oh, Winds

To our sleepy world..

But where were you, oh, Winds?..

You've disappeared for so much time!! 

And we've lost the aura and the impetus 

of the centuries..

At last..

A Prometheus that we had hidden

in the cellars of Dreams

rose our thoughts

with his cries to Olympus..

And we have risen our masts..

With your help now

we'll end 

our tragic idleness..

Break out Tramontana!*...

Hit us with the great urges of the North..

As much as a harsh, mythical man can do..

It doesn't matter if we'll hurt..

It's important to understand 

that history hasn't ended.. 

And that something is moving 

in this world...


Do whatever you think with your power


All the rot and evil that you'll find 

in front of you..

Throw it away so it can be buried in the eternal sea...

Blow Gregale!*...

Blow as persistently and decidedly 

as you can..

You know the way..

Take us back..

As back as you can..

There, where man once understood 

that besides the body, he has a Soul too, 

that had to fit all in the poems of Homer,

where surely you have whispered these poems too..

Here and now merciful Gregale!*...

We have to learn the alphabet of Salvation

from the creator of Beauty..

And the master builder of Virtue..

Caress us Southern One!*...

Flood us with the rare, divine warmth 

of yours..


Do something for our pretty soul..

Because as we are speaking..

In this world..

Neither Lords

Nor Tyrants

Neither Orators

If you've understood..

Noone loves us..

And as it seems..

We're unnecessary people and nothing...

Take us in your enormous embrace..

There, where you held Aphrodite 

and Maria Nefeli..

So that we can ignore 

that we were once born on this Earth 

and that one day we shall die..

 But let death await...


A stoical sea-storm of the centuries...

What did you think

When you saw face to face 

Achilles and Great Alexander!!!..

Wise and most respectful as you are

You knew that they had to be defeated

The Persians and Barbarism

And as you bowed before the saying..

"No harm did the Greeks do to the World"..

You gave them the credentials of immortality.. 

And you opened the road to them.. 

The one they had taken 

for the mausoleums of History...


You never got tired

to spread to the world

the voices and oracles

of the Gods..

Do it again as it suits

an imperious Bard..

Here and now

We need the care of the Powers 

of Wholeness and Everything..

I'm speaking to you Levante..

Wise Wind of the Nations...


Blow, you too, Ponente,

Silently like the escape of the day..

Like the enormous prudence 

and wisdom of the sea..

Give me a little from your very blessed air..

From him where one saturday night

An hour like this..

He caressed Helen..

In the horizons of eternity...

Because it wasn't a night

Nor was it a simple love-affair..

It was a whole history..

It was Sparta that held the pen..

And the white paper was Troy...

And exactly as the Greeks understood

We understood too..

How the time had come 

To rise the masts and start..

Like the Kings

that wanted to take their girlfriends back..

We wanted to take back the world 

that we had lost...



  Southern One..



Five parents in the star of the Sky..

You must do something for us...

There, where you'll gather,

Somewhere aside of the Moon

Near the planet Aphrodite..

In your gathering..

I would like to come as a messenger

For the evil that has found us...

Someone had the atrocious idea

From free people

To make us hermits...

In this full Moon

We can't see you..

Because at the window..

Barbarism is waiting to attack us...


Like seekers and supplicants

We await a decision

From the Super Utmost Powers

At last to open the door to us...

In a while..

The Night is coming..

And the tragic soul of Humankind

will feel pain

from the Dynasty of Darkness...

Tramontana*= North Wind

Gregale*= North East or East Wind

Southern One*= South Wind

Levante*= East Wind

Ponente*= Western Wind

Translated from greek 

into english 

by Vasiliki Kalahani

Tuesday, February 1, 2022



The point here that l've reached

And exactly as l am..

With plenty of fruits, handsome and slender-made..

I know what lies ahead of me from you

And what is expected..

After being born and swept away 

and scanned by the divine open- wind..

The Princess Spring did me so..

And the ingenious, resourceful Summer..

I am ashamed of my riches and beauty

I am afraid and l shiver to the thought

That invasions of rabid and barren people                                                  will come

and infertility..

When this unfortunate world 

sees the view of True Loveliness

and the aura of Fertility...

You will stone me with rocks underneath you only know..

Until you take what you want

With hatred and merciless savageness...

And l will fall to your knees 

and into your hands..

-"Oh, how tasty he is and what a mature fruit he is..

God looks over us

the poor people"..

Oh, you'll laugh...

And my Soul will become

An ancient greek city

That Barbariousness looted..

I am here, sent by God,

To be offered as a trophy

For our own cruelty..

You can climb up my body

There where you have never seen..

High..with impetus..

Towards the chosen things of the Sky 

l mean..

God shouldn't have done it

But still he did..

God knew something when he said:

"In this world

The good entity and the bad will live..

At the end of righteousness

The crooked things will start..

And at the bottom of Chosen Beings

Stupid mongs will give sprouts"..

And as you will be content

By the Good Juices and the Chosen Blood

You'll become Lords and Tyrants

And great glories you will experience...

While l..

As to give birth to these precious fruits..

I shed a million tears and experienced 

such dreadful pain..

You will give me away to oblivion

Leaving me to beg for a little mercy

From the very frosty winter

Without even casting upon me

A suit jacket for my shoulders...

And many other things you can do..

And many other atrocities you will perform..

Whereas you can't give birth to fruits

And beauty for the sake of the people..

You can only lay the road 

that was made

for the dreams of the world 

with thorns..

And as for your own infertility..

Always a price will be given

So the fruit bearing trees

Shall pay you..


the purpose of poverty

sanctifies all means..

And now hurt by all the strikes of your hunger..                                                    

Hurt by ingratitude

that l took from this world..

I want to shout..if l have a voice..

-"Mother Earth

You were unjust..

Why did you cause me 

So much suffering and confusion

And you made me so Handsome!!!..

You should have thought better

Before you gave birth to me

As a fruit bearing tree...

Translated from greek 

into english by

Vasiliki Kolliopoulou Kalahani

Saturday, January 29, 2022




Εδώ που έφτασα και έτσι όπως είμαι,
Ευκαρπος , όμορφος , και καλόκαμωμένος,
Ξέρω τί μέ περιμένει από  εσάς,
Αφού με γέννησαν και με σαρωααν
με θεϊκό αγέρι,
η Πριγκίπισσα Άνοιξη και
το πολυμήχανο Καλοκαίρι.

Ντρέπομαι για τα  πλούτη και την ομορφιά μου,
φοβάμαι και τρέμω στην ιδέα
Ότι θά αρχίσουν επιδρομές λυσσασμένον,
άγονον ανθρώπων
και στειρότητας,
Μόλις αυτός ο δύσμοιρος κόσμος ,
αντικρίσει τη Θέα του Καλλούς
Και την αύρα της Γονιμότητας.

Θα μέ χτυπήσετε με πέτρες από κάτω ,
Επίμονα .. ωπος μόνον εσείς ξέρετε
ώσπου να πάρετε αυτό πού θέλετε ,
Με μίσος και με ανελέητη αγριότητα,
Και εγώ θα πέσω στα πόδια σάς
και  στα χέρια σας,

"- Τί νόστιμος είναι και πόσο μεστό φρούτο ,
Ο Θεός μεριμνά και για μάς
τούς φτωχούς "
θα γελάσετε ,

Και η Ψυχή μου θά γίνει
Μία αρχαία ελληνική πόλη
Που την λεηλάτησε η Βαρβαρότητα.

Εγώ είμαι εδώ θεοσταλτος
Να  προσφέρομε ώς τρόπαιο
Γία την δική σας βαναυσότητα.
Μπορείτε να ανεβείτε στο κορμί μου
Εκεί πού ποτέ δεν έχετε μάτα δει..
Ψηλά... ορμητικά..
προς τα εκλεκτά των ουρανών δηλαδή.

Δέν επρεπε
ο Θεός να το κάνει αυτό..
Και όμως το έκανε..

Κάτι ήξερε ο Θεός όταν έλεγε..
"Στον κόσμο αυτο
Θα ζήσουν και το Καλό και το Κακό,
Στο τέρμα του Ορθού
                  αρχίζει το Στραβό,
Στο πάτο του Εκλεκτού
                   θά φυτρώσει το ζαβο...."

Και καθώς θά  εχετε χορτάσει ,
Απο Καλούς Χυμούς και Εκλεκτό  Αίμα,
Θα γίνεστε Άρχοντες, και Δυνάστες
και Μεγάλες Δόξες θα ζήσετε,
Ενώ εμένα
που για να γεννήσω αυτούς τούς καρπούς
Έριξα δάκρια και έζησα φρικτούς πόνους
Θα με παραδώσετε στην λησμονιά
Αφήνοντας με να εκλιπαρο
Λίγο ελαίος από τον ψυχρό χειμώνα
Χωρίς να μου ρίξετε
Έστω ένα σακάκι στους ώμους,

Και αλλά πολλά μπορείτε να κάνετε,
Και άλλες πολλές αθλιότητες.

Μία και δεν μπορείτε
να γεννησετε καρπούς
και κάλλος για τούς ανθρώπους, 

Μπορείτε μόνον 
να στρωσετε με αγκάθια
Το δρόμο που φτιάχτηκε
           για τα όνειρα του κόσμου.

Από την δική σας στειρότητα, 
Όλο και κάποιο τίμημα θά βρεθεί,
Γία να πληρώσουν
          τα καρποφόρα δέντρα.

ο σκοπός της φτώχιας,
Αγιάζει όλα τα μέσα. 

Και τώρα πληγωμένος από της βολές της πείνας σας ,
πονεμένος από την αχαριστία
πού πήρα από αυτόν τον κόσμο,
Θέλω να φωνάξω ,  άν έχω φωνή ,

- Μάνα Γη...
Γιατί με πήρες στο λαιμό
Κάνοντας με τόσο Όμορφο.!!!!!
Έπρεπε καλά να σκεφτείς,
Πρώτου με γεννήσεις
               καρποφόρο δέντρο.....

Copyright Ilias Foukis @.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021



Joy to you Abel..Joy to you..

Life was given to you 

without resistance..

And without you 

feeling ashamed..

You brought a bastard 

into this world 

called Happiness...

Woe to you Cane...Woe to you...

A great vast Desert 

is the World for you..

You walk upon it 

day and night

without regret..

And like a faithful dog

Does misery follow...

Joy to you Abel...Joy to you...

The World roars 

from your many entertainments..

Crazy by the sensational pleasures of Paradise..

Your blood is vaccinated

with the instincts of brutality..

Woe to you Cane...Woe to you...

With your many desires 

of the radiating flesh.. 

A Bible could be written....

But the far away God 

didn't give you an oracle..

Because your pettiness was considered to him 

so very ridiculous...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

You can create 

dreams of crime..

"Coffee at the Acropolis"...

"A country- house on the Moon"..

"And a love affair with the Virgin Mary of Saints"....

Woe to you Cane...Woe to you...

You also made dreams

As a sheep of God

Which Old Satan triumphed against..

An offer he made -Satan-

for the glory of his own history....

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

All the Great Arts 

you put into your Heart..

And you shine with Happiness...

Like a window- display 

of Majestic Paradise..

Epidauros, Louvre..

At the Staircase of Milano...

Woe to you Cane..Woe to you...

From time to time 

When the Despotism of Destiny falls asleep..

You deceive your sensitivities.. With some circulating 


companies of the road...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

Your pleasures 

you rise high

every day..

And you make orgies 

at the dinner- tables of Satan..

With delicacies 

from the very 

bottom of the Ocean...

Woe to you Cane.. Woe to you...

You surpass your hunger 

with greenies of the fields 

of Mother Earth...

And with the the tragic 

Bliss on your face..

Thank you, you say,

-For the care of the Gods...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

Your Patriarchal Inheritances You boast upon..

In deep tunnels and basements of the Underworld,

sealed with the red 

color of crime...

Woe to you Cane.. Woe to you...

Your youth bleeds 

in the great town- squares..

Something to take 

oh, just from this World..

And you are given only 

the tragic memories of Mankind...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

Satisfied and carefree are you

at the summit of Sin..

Lackeys come and beg 

for your likelihood and love..

Those who you resent 

from very high above...

Woe to you Cane.. Woe to you...

Like a sweaty dog 

you lurk round the streets..

Your eyes sparkle 

for just a little love..

But nobody desires 

your heart of loneliness...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

With Socrate's jokes 

You kill your afternoons..

And at night you write 

The Constitutions of the People

In seven- sealed 

secret Chambers..

You do all this...

Woe to you Cane.. Woe to you...

Sunk in your eternal, living conviction..

You bring down salvation 

for the well- being 

of the World...

And your cheap

resinated wine 

just harvests the lungs...

Joy to you Abel.. Joy to you...

In the suburbs of the cities

In their very sunny balconies..

In the warm embrace 

of the Levant wind 

you give yourself

enjoying Aphrodite 

with pills of ecstacy..

Woe to you Cane..Woe to you...

Enjoying the awful 


of the centre..

You drag yourself with chains..

You fill your veins 

of destiny 

with cocaine...

To light up the flame 

of Revolution...

Joy to you Cane..Joy to you...

The whole world you left 

so speechless..

Because with all these Demons raiding against you..

Faithful to Earth 

you managed to be...

Woe to you Abel.. Woe to you...

You know courts and trials 

are awaiting you...

And you're making spacecrafts

To other Planets to go and hide...

Joy to you Cane..Joy to you...

In this tragic despair 

where the Gods 

have deserted you..

A proud finishing- end 

do you await...

Assured in the justice 

of the only Eternity...

Woe to you Abel.. Woe to you...

Don't forget 

in your will 

to put Satan..

Who has opened for you 

a golden grave....

And a wreath upon you 

is the booing of Humanity...

Translated  by


Wednesday, December 1, 2021


COSMOPOEMS Poet ILIAS FOUKIS: 探索 Poem in Mandarin by ILIAS FOUKIS: 探索 我們結束白日夢時 表示地球上的 標誌位置也已經結束 如今是適當時刻 讓我們走下去 探索黃金的事物。 衣招夢的預測 運氣會在第一層次出現 基於天堂魔術師的               建議 ⋯ 會發光 ...

Wednesday, December 19, 2018



Quando ho fatto il giro del Mondo
l'isola di fronte alle correnti del Mar Caraibico
poiché vedendo i viaggiatori
senza alcun carisma per le grandi scoperte
non subì alcuna ristrutturazione geografica
del tutto schematicamente mi ricordò Itaca…

La distanza dell'Isola era sufficiente
a farmi dubitare ancora una volta
della devozione di Penelope…
che lei ha oltraggiato di nuovo l'onore della Grecia
amoreggiando con i vinti di Troia
e liberando la Fantasia
di vedersene conquistato il corpo…
dico che l'esercito greco non sarebbe riuscito
a umiliare la Felicità di lei
che è capace di devastare l'Anima della Grecia.

(E sappiatelo…
Se accadesse una cosa del genere
quell'… Uomo Eterno
sognato dalla Filosofia ad Atene
potete dimenticarlo per sempre…)

Eppure in momenti così
non vale la pena sprecare il Soffio Divino
per quisquilie del genere
perché era l'epoca in cui sull'Olimpo
si eternava una delusione senza precedente
provocata dall'insuccesso 
della Razionalità Globale
allorché nella sua Essenza
si trovavano le Donne.

E adesso che vedo piegate le Palme dell'Isola
ricordo le Isole della Grecia
che quando partimmo per Troia
eravamo ingenui e non capivamo
che punendo in modo spietato le brame
le quali avevano donato fulgore 
alla giovinezza di Troia
con ambizioni tanto anguste e localismi
fornimmo un'ottima ricetta
per lamenti e una Catastrofe Globale.

E chiedendo scusa a quel Fuoco
vedo che dietro le spalle del Mar Caraibico
si trova con un presente turbolento di individui spaventati
il Continente…
per l'arrivo o meno del quale nel Mondo
annegheranno tutte le correnti
 del Pensiero Umano
in dispute verbali…
e alla fine come se volessero lasciare
una epigrafe dignitosa
sulle tombe degli annegati
verrà diffamata l'autonomia del Continente.

Rinnegheranno in particolare me
che sarò scomunicato per tutte le vite
perché subito dopo la distruzione di Troia
fui inviato dai Greci
alla ricerca di paesaggi Nuovi e Vergini…
allorquando il Mondo diffidente comprese
che l'unico lavoro che si addiceva 
a questo Popolo…
era il saccheggio.

Molto dopo verranno altri viaggiatori
carichi di Fantasmi e di taccuini mitologici…
su cui sarà scritto che non esistette mai
alcuna rifulgente età della superstizione
e appena metteranno piede sull'Isola
l'attimo in cui attaccheranno il Continente
i Vecchi Sapienti…
capiranno di essere rimasti 
a corto di pensieri
avendoli impiegati per valicare le correnti.

Il Continente
si sentirà offeso da questa tristezza
e cercherà di opporsi ai Pensatori
il più spesso possibile… pregherà Dio
di devastare le Isole.

Qualcuno di sicuro perderà
e benché io abbia il presentimento 
di quella terribile sconfitta
vorrei fare un avvertimento ad Apollo…
che le Antiche Mitologie
smetteranno di avere importanza.

Dunque ecco perché…
quando scorgemmo l'Isola
e vedemmo che le vele della nave 
erano state appena ammainate…
ci si elevarono le vele dei Fantasmi
osservammo un minuto di silenzio
per l'annegamento di Aristotele 
nelle correnti dell'Euripo
che era ancora di là da venire.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018



Che cosa è cambiato nel Mondo
dal momento che ero l’unico uomo
con il diritto di invadere il Paradiso!
Molto oltre…
Si sono ritirati certi mari o Oceani
per la gioia o per l’invidia
perché come belva
ho toccato e conquistato il corpo bianco della Felicità…
Chi potrebbe dirmi…
Se è cambiato qualcosa nell’apodosi del Sole verso la Terra…
avendo lo schianto dell’Anima e la vittoria della Mente…
appena fu intonato il canto
al fratello morto…!
No. Niente di tutto questo.
La vita è ingiusta, affatto ingiusta…
Tanto che sottovoce
per non spaventare i sognatori
vorrei dirvi qualcosa…
– Per vivere… dovevo fare un torto a qualcuno.
Adesso mi esercito per la prima e ultima volta nella Giustizia
sperimentando doti divine
nell’Arte della Scrittura…
in questa Serata che insieme con il Sole
crollerà nel nulla.
Domattina al suo posto
sorgerà la morte
e allora addio alla vita…
Si è trattata dell’ennesima follia.



Sunday, August 12, 2018




                                                     ‘’...Race of Cain
                                    May  your rage reach heaven itself
                               and may it hurl God down to Earth...’’



The way the Sun positions himself
in the sky                                                                    
... is called Autonomy
as they promised me when I was born
after lengthy proceedings
would be bestowed on me...
without the wreath of Glory being removed
                                          from the Classics of Thought
and without Holy Scripture being scandalized
by the inglorious end of humankind...
...after death. 


Yesterday our Chances went up in flame
because the sun
came to close.
Yesterday as well:
our Chances went cold
because who knows what happened
at the Holy Sermons of Wisdom
that made them take the prerogative of Light from us.

Yesterday the masts of our ships were destroyed
in the quest for Direction
as things reached storm much Wind.
Yesterday as well:
we were unable to set off
on our quest for Direction
because we were left Becalmed.

Yesterday our dreams were inundated
because it rained so hard.
Yesterday as well:
our Dreams were unable to grow
because Tantalus that jinx
was in such a hurry to bid farewell to Earth...

and, as you well know, we were left rainless.

Yesterday our heads went numb
in the quest for God
because there was so much Sky overhead.
Yesterday as well:
it was impossible to lift our heads
in the quest for God
because there was no Sky left at all.


Of late 
I’ve begun to keep a picture of a Saint
on my pillow.

The Saint
immobilized by his familiar dilemma
as to whether he should or should not exist in this world
is frozen there...
quite frozen...
until I’m forced to light a candle in front of him
perhaps...whose knows...
hell slowly thaw and slip away from there.

I always believed that when he did leave
it would be with me, the unavoidable Divine Servant,
he would take me by the hand
to persuade the Major Markets of the world
that the following mistake happened quite by accident:
the Abyss had adopted the most precious
passions of Paradise
and in consequence of this summit treaty
I ended up broke.

The Merchant Princes would for the moment accept
the Saints biblical explanation
but despite all that
they would coerce him through various ploys
                                          to return to the Picture
as an Infallible Presence...
because the empty space might be filled
                            with Demons
who have of late seriously threatened
the Global Market.

The Saint who in the final analysis
is the child of mischievous Jerusalem
has appropriated rather well the art
of neutralizing Heaven
at particular magical moments
such as when payments are made in hard cash
when the soul of man
seems to be of the most delicate velvet
and immediately...
                                          through an amazing biological marvel
is transformed into a human being.

Into one of those completely remote people
who unite themselves with the cries of the Underworld
‘’...Money is everything...
that’s what rules the world...’’
and after the collapse of Idealism in Jerusalem
rush like the expectations of Pontius Pilate
to open the slave market in Rome.

He would accept the money
in keeping with Jewish principles of profit
in keeping with the insatiability of the entire World
and with these the remaining Saints would be bought off
which would then make my poverty eternal
and increase the number of the poor.


Who knows how many times
we will be happy!

Surrounded by mountains as we were
and without receiving an answer from anyone
regarding this state of siege right from birth
we measured the dimensions of valleys
which were as narrow as our own passions
in the hope they would hold the future
such a remote starting point 
knowing all too well
what scandals occurred during the modifications of Genesis
as if it wanted to tell us that it will always be difficult
for a future to exist...
it had hurled ours behind the mountains.

Because the way the Fog lay along the mountains
was divine and Classic...
(Literally more awe-inspiring than
the peculiar presence of the greenery)
it seemed to us it knew by heart
the inner content of the mountains.
Then we also called out to Dreams...
the forecasts were ready as well
for the programming of the brilliant process
that in all likelihood would lead to a favorable Biblical 
end to the transfer of our Future.
Do you understand what we are trying to say or not?

We had been put on alert as regards the Future...
The Future has to be conquered come what may...
which perfumed with the mysterious passions of Abel
was exactly like a beautiful woman
who no one knows whom she may have yielded to.

And indeed that’s the way it went...
In contrast to our expectations
something really strange occurred...!
A wind snatched the Fog from us
so it slipped through the encirclement
the stars had built round it.
Our Dreams were stolen from us by the Final Hour
because it too
had found itself surrounded by the ages.
From what I remember
there was great mobility.
The sacred ceremonies scattered blessings
wove encomia
granted privileges.
All  the World was celebrated under the oracle
of an invisible Seer
in that far-off beginning of History.
Expectations were all that we had left
and, let’s face it,
though possessed by Witches
they had revealed an amazing talent
at predicting our Future.
And were ready
to spring into action...
But what good is Happiness do you?
The mountains have lost the ability
to be moved.


As we ended daydreaming
this meant the placement of the signs 
on Earth had also come an end
and now was the proper moment
to make our way down
in quest of golden things.

In agreement with the Dream forecasts
Luck would be found on the first level
which based on the recommendations of the Magicians                            
                                                                      of Paradise...
would be luminous
and delivered
of all the groans of Earth.

Since we would have luck in our own hands
there were many possibilities on the next level
according to one utterly faithful to
Ancient Astrological Legend
we would encounter Love.

And since the Earth would have loved us
finally, on the third level,
as the instructive Spirit
of the Founders of Genesis bore witness to
all the possibilities would lead to Happiness.
So you’ll understand just how serious we were
in this Quest for Happiness
                                          in the depths of Earth
I need only say that to be absolutely certain
the plan made clear that the searchers
had to be very careful
because our mysterious Earth
kept fire in her pockets
which was capable of setting our
                                          golden things aflame.

- Don’t worry...someone consoled us.
Our beloved Earth
keeps streams of water there within
so we can put out these dangerous fires
in an emergency...

And thus bit by bit
from Dream to ordeal
from ordeal to anxiety
the Earth finally opened up.

I imagine you understand...
We were sure that at last
we had before us
(despite the fact this was not aspired to
by a single written document in the World)
an unblemished day.
Unfortunately, however,
the Earth while continuing to be ours
held nothing back especially for us
because she had never dreamed
of any future for her own self
and the existence of golden things
never even came up.

And indeed
it was precisely from this indifference of hers
the water which was the lightest of all
had risen high 
and our hopes so unavoidably fiery
were extinguished
                                                        on the first level.


If we could gather together
all the empty hours of our life...
that is all those hours
which never were alive
then with those
could be created
                            so many human lives
it would be necessary for all
the dead to rise
so they might live from the beginning again.


This curve must not be taken
or must be taken with care.
Nevertheless it is time we remind you that...
Our dreams have walked straight ahead
cautiously so that no one else might realize 
them at the curve...

Our days which have not been lighted by any Sun
have always walked straight ahead
carefully so that no one else might live them 
at the curve...

Our thoughts hesitantly liberal
and thus not taken into account
have walked uncompromisingly straight ahead
because there was always some rascal
to make theater of the curve.

Our Ardor...
wretched because it lacked in worldly luminance
and was also as it were a piece
of this sober world
walked completely straight ahead
with that tragic circumspection that someone else would
                                          finish it off at the curve.

our life a sum of inexplicable movements
so the bones of Dead Matter wouldnÕt tremble
walked completely... and only straight ahead..
always straight ahead...

Because playing at Height and Depth
it could not be represented in History
as Pain and Charity had been proclaimed 
unavailing and ridiculous for those burnt
by the hysteria of creeping upon Earth.

Of that nightmarish walk of an entire World
that was always indifferent to heights and depths
since its temporary Existence
as the rectors of the World said in muted tones
was unable to endow itself with
                                          for it was not its own
such large goals.

But aside from life and that other
a few sins were still left to us
the philosophical eruption of which
we searched for in the course
our desolate fate
would follow within this calamity
the lawlessness of which
                            as it was only human
was transformed into a candle
with the flame of which
the dark Idols warmed themselves...
lighted the way...and lifted off.

But this tragedy
appears to be nearing catharsis
and that is why you must now say it too Cain
father of our mortal despair
because despite overcoming chasms
and crossing Dismal Deserts
it appears we are unwanted
by the Divine Spirit and the Laws of the Republic
that we might then walk down White Roads.

And indeed...precisely because of this stealthy
all the curves we were not able to take
like typical receivers of the microcosm and misery
through a nightmarish presence of a perfectly perpetrated crime
we have them then before us...

Do you understand or not?

We find no justice in life
but for the sake of an Ancient Wisdom
all curves must be taken
because when the end of life draws near
you will be content with yourself
since amid this pandemic hostility
you at least...stood proud.

Or perhaps then again
you, Race of Cain,
so as not to give offence to your Virtue
will pull back once more
being the Truest Truth of the world
Unfortunate...and Forthright.



I would have even been to deny him
deaths coming
but that wasn’t meant to be
because behind me
the black past will remain
so invisible...
so lifeless...
so desolate...
so no Earth will exist at all
on which to sow the objection - Why should I die?
which would as well be a dismissal
from the life that never ever was.


Yesterday a painter approached me
and suggested I hold my outstretched arms
as still as I could.

Its said that through such standard positioning
humanity becomes closer
in a quite marvelous manner
and those passing by come into contact
with my outstretched arms
which is a serious reason for the agitation
of people
so when they die they will suggest to the rest of the dead
that they beg fearlessly for a dime’s worth of resurrection
from paradise...
because the bodies that do not provoke any feeling
have moved into the living world.

This proposal will provoke irritation
among the governors of hell.

But immediately afterward the Fine Arts will intervene
with their romantic paintings
of Unforgettable Sunsets
where the fire of the Soul is united with the fire of the Sun
and who knows how many other idiocies will be born
in the light-hearted visions of the Romantics.
This is enough to soothe strained nerves
and Hell and Paradise
those bitter and uncompromising foes
psychological and philosophical enemies
will now enjoy give and take between themselves.

E.g.: Someone from the hopeless depths
weighted down with the hump of sins
will denounce Paradise to the World.
Because ever since he accepted as his backdrop
these weary aspects
he has himself committed sins
but despite these will not accept the slightest threat
of dethronement...

And worst of all: the only revolutionary voice
for Truth and Justice
will be abolished by Paradise
swathing it with the silk
of money...
of Beautiful Women...
and the Virtuous Citizen.

Yes, yes, such sordidness will occur
where having enjoyed
all the goods of the world
an agreement is reached
whereby long-term animosities
must one day come to an end.
So when you get down to it
whatever way things might be
they will live.
Only I...
non-existent in the eyes of the World
will never dream of height
so I might ascend to where only the mountains are visible.

On those nightmarish...
                                          and pitiless heights
global interest has now been focused
in order to explain the poetics
of the quarrel of the Sun with Hard Matter
regarding the ambition of phantoms
to acquire the Classical Pose of Mountains.

But if that is possible
I would then say that I am the highest phantom
who would be able to win without a battle
and without cosmogonic   confutations
the eternal placement of those mountains.
Without the slightest chance however of delighting in 
the joys and torments of immortality
because there would then pass before me
that bad old world once again
that would remain just as indifferent
as now when I am
                            (even though it isn’t worth the effort)
And indeed then when my presence
would have been transformed into eternal air
that the world itself would breathe
not having a worthy Temple
                            wherein to confess its sins
and something more -- the World would even be
indifferent to it’s very self.


Because life commences with the phrase
--Walk straight ahead...
with our freedom to dream
which has never been lacking
we find a point somewhere
and draw a line.

We entrust dreams to this
but they
commanded by the virtues of the race
to be impetuous
                                                        flee far...
remain decisively at a dead point
unlikely to be touched by us...
and so the Dreams are gone...
                                          well not see them again.

Being people without weight (without dreams) as we are
the wind carries us round the others
whose history is also conducted
under the nightmarish concept of Geometry
and under the Sign of a general global catastrophe
we draw a circle.

But only a fiend knows why
whole mountains wrapped in eternal ice 
enter this curved live 
deep ravines
and a host of other impediments
and thus we return to where we began.
                                                        So as you can see
we failed at these two simplest shapes
of the geometric life...

Think now of our further existence
under the domination, let’s say, of the Cube!

Who will detach this boundless sky
so we may once and for all dethrone Paradise?

But who will carry Hell round on their Backs
in order to place it on top like a lid
with the intent of punishment and the eternal conclusion
to this topsy-turvy farce?

Our life passed without us ever learning
how to adapt to this deadly geometry
where now as night has fallen
on our dreams
we confirm that this is the most correct explanation
for the fatalism of Human life on Earth
which evolved within these narrow
planetary dimensions.

And now with a strange kind of self-restraint
we have strewn over an open field
the passions, the visions...
and whatever is seething inside us
awaiting from any and all directions
the writers who will compose the biographies for us
and who with their well-known genius
will chastise everything...
it is expected we will be shut up in a square
to keep History under the strictest


I will always set upon my way
with a river commencing on its own...
The river is very narrow
and I don’t believe it will enlarge
my fate.
The only thing I hope for
is speed.
Praise be to Apollo
you a being so incredible
I will dream of you all at one go.

But walking along
the Dream will be transformed into nightmare
because from the anonymous cries
exasperated waves
will clash with the shores of the World
which can be heard sharp and clear.
You who with theatrics
and the speed of rivers
wanted to crown human visions
withdraw now with Idealism both of you defeated
and see how hopelessly has been flooded
the Promised Land.

And thus the river has put into gear my Dreams
which will apparently endow
the waterfalls with winged abilities
and that same moment when all the world
will be pulled down
my Dreams will be lifted high.

But I along with the Dreams
also have my own life to live.

They have sworn
that the one will never part from the other
and its beside the point that on the road
the naive buyers of hope stretched out their hands...
and even more beside the point
that around life and the Dreams
there is in force a hostile space...
and the weighty life can be smashed to bits
by this violent fall.

But then again who knows?
The Holy River is perhaps sad
                                          about wretched life
and this savage fall...
as if the trees along the coast had been transformed
into humble supplicants
it carries it out without a hitch!

Because just so you’ll know
oh! you the fortunate ones on earth
from the moment the rivers sent me forth
all of the emotions which escaped the catastrophe
I then scattered at the entrance to the seas
and as they will be dressed in my own fate
they will stand in for me in the open sea
never to return again to this earth so desolate.

It would be better if this...occurred!

Who knows what’s going on in this eternal damnation
since not everyone has the possibility
of ascending as the Blissful
or descending as the Unfortunate...
and as they surrender to this tragic
the only answer to the question
What does it mean to have once existed on this Earth?
they interpret as boiling down to
never having the possibility                                                         
                                                        of ever going back...
toward eternal tranquility...
                                                                      these rivers.


The most vicious attacks
on my life
have always commenced from the left.

They seem cruel...quite irresistible
and I turn back to the realm of grief
observing that my forces are few
and that out there waiting for me again
the open arms and altar of calamity....

Not because of the devastation of Consciousness 
(nothing like that has ever happened to me)
but for the standard reason that I
have always loved liberty and
my horizons have always been open.

On these horizons however...
On these open horizons is also found the bad part of freedom
because it is precisely from there the Evil Hour draws near
with its storms and its lethal bitter cold
while a howl can be heard
like a Holy Sermon...
...Thus the World is humbled...
But what no one
expected is what will occur.

My death is a reality
in the consciousness of everyone
which narrow and rotten as it may be
will fall to its knees before my own resistance
but which will be transformed into Legislation
for the detonation of Visions.

Someone offers to start the game
on special kinds of terrain where the human being
has the rare opportunity
to be the victor without barbarizing the passions
and as I myself like this proposal
and am making an amazing dash from the right
and what happened after is considered scandalous.
I wanted to leave the dark behind...

Whether its Patrons wanted it or not
the dark was in fact left behind...
but from the right as well
I was oriented to the view I was here
                                          on Earth and alive
a kind of corrupt and revolting light
and the course is murky
and the enemies equally inhuman.

There in utter ease
they hurl me down...they insult me...they strike me
and around me the Dialectic
shows no sign of existence...
because as the the   Supreme Lawgivers think
for me it is far too early
for there to be Justice in this World.

If there is no Justice
Stoic resistance returns
                                          to its own terrain
and while I was considering dribbling my black thoughts
in an explosive manner slipping along the ground
suddenly a pass was sent my way
of such dramatic value
for the expectations contained in Dreams.

Those present there....
the grimmest spectators in our world
readied their stupid Invention
in order to see the world pulled down.
But I knew from where this pass would be coming to me.

It is the world ladies and gentlemen
which I suffer differently than you
and so that it might be the victor at least once
I allow it to pass serenely over me...
warning it that with the Dreams it’s carrying
an unenviable take-off is being prepared for it
by the Lords of Earth.
-You should have taken the shot, you mutt...
howl the Giants of Money
who darken...turn black
and who then remind me that I am very poor
and belong to the lowest class of society
which this time as well
timidly and humbly as always respected
the rules of the Game
                                          and the lines on the Field...
sacrificing the few desires that had remained
to the Pantheon of Tyranny.

It was pointless to stay on the Field
I who want to stay here as a Man on Earth
and I loaded the shattered bodies 
and carried them off within me.
But is this world which soon
will erase me from memory
all conscience has been demolished.

Far off now at the point
where another human History will begin
I clutch as if they were wounds
the recollections of the games on Earth
which could very well be called
ideals in a mortuary
waiting for them to die.

Hunted by death
I have got this far
because no one desired my Victory
which is why I am eternally one defeated
by the wretchedness of the world
which has crushed me with the storms
of its cynicism
precisely there in the fatal dispute
over the Philosophy of Human Triumph.

The observers foresee that
at least once in my life
I will find Justice.
What kind of face will my Justice have!
How old will it be!
Its wallet...will it be empty or full?

I am certain
that the words for my protection
will be borrowed from extinct languages
because for the moment
there is no intelligible dictionary
to protect me.

So as you can see
my justice will be very old.

The experts who will encounter on the road to their
professional advancement as if it were a corpse
will be shaken seeing it.

They will dare look at only the skull
covered with the inscriptions of a life that was lost
where it is said clearly and without self-deception
that along with people the Sun also failed
to shine with that light
that was not worth ceding to mortals...
that the Bygone Chaos of grand depictions
and who knows what wisdom of tangible Gods
would have been given to the figures of the World.

But as for the remainder
the chest...the joints...the spine
from the moment they heard the black tidings
that the Gods of Justice have never been tangible
and driven to despair by the vanity of the World
kept in operation
the body of Hell...there amid the chasms.
In all that concerns expectations...
and other Greek virtues
most probably...
through a lonely hopeless wandering
all will then be within us.
The lawyers however don’t really care
about the Greek Virtues
and the Truths of the Soul
They want material testimony...
while this time as well I
appear to be very poor...
despite the fact my Justice is
as the counsels would call it...



As you can well imagine
at the great game
of Exclusion from Dreams
I was very weak
and completely without protection.

That is
mortally struck
by the most ferocious passions in the World.

Nevertheless you
well-versed in entertaining yourselves from afar
with the traumas of the Defeated
are able to spread wide your imagination
reckoning that the primary aim of the game
must have been the extinguishing of the fires
which melt the ice of the heart
with the idea of blocking life
at the highest point of sentimentality.
Yes, yes, my good sirs...
That is exactly the way things are.

You’re not wrong.
I would imagine that with your abilities
you are rationally irreproachable
in the explanation of great disasters.
I who was completely cut-off
from the mad race of Global Notions
I believe that I must have launched some kind of attack
of a revolutionary nature: You will be destroyed...
but from what I can remember I must have drawn back
when they made the observation
that I was very young
and when it came to such showdowns of influence
I would never grow up anyway.

The places that were emptied by the eternally Defeated
were supplemented in such a way
you were left to understand
that Philosophers liked
to a practically cynical extent
to be compared to rivers.

And truly in that way...maturing
they absorbed during their Meditation
all the currents of History
and Humanity ran
with the dry rivers at its side
in order to achieve the Games aim.

With finality
whoever was lost was lost
whoever was demolished was demolished
whoever was ravaged was ravaged
ending at a point
where everything appeared to have stayed behind.
It was only natural that
the tributes of heroes were handed out
to the players who exceeded all expectations.

They went to be photographed in front of the Sun
and the black shadow of the Victors
covered the entire World.

Translation  by  PHILIP   RAMP