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Poetry is the voice of the Gods

Wednesday, February 2, 2022



Welcome again, oh, Winds

To our sleepy world..

But where were you, oh, Winds?..

You've disappeared for so much time!! 

And we've lost the aura and the impetus 

of the centuries..

At last..

A Prometheus that we had hidden

in the cellars of Dreams

rose our thoughts

with his cries to Olympus..

And we have risen our masts..

With your help now

we'll end 

our tragic idleness..

Break out Tramontana!*...

Hit us with the great urges of the North..

As much as a harsh, mythical man can do..

It doesn't matter if we'll hurt..

It's important to understand 

that history hasn't ended.. 

And that something is moving 

in this world...


Do whatever you think with your power


All the rot and evil that you'll find 

in front of you..

Throw it away so it can be buried in the eternal sea...

Blow Gregale!*...

Blow as persistently and decidedly 

as you can..

You know the way..

Take us back..

As back as you can..

There, where man once understood 

that besides the body, he has a Soul too, 

that had to fit all in the poems of Homer,

where surely you have whispered these poems too..

Here and now merciful Gregale!*...

We have to learn the alphabet of Salvation

from the creator of Beauty..

And the master builder of Virtue..

Caress us Southern One!*...

Flood us with the rare, divine warmth 

of yours..


Do something for our pretty soul..

Because as we are speaking..

In this world..

Neither Lords

Nor Tyrants

Neither Orators

If you've understood..

Noone loves us..

And as it seems..

We're unnecessary people and nothing...

Take us in your enormous embrace..

There, where you held Aphrodite 

and Maria Nefeli..

So that we can ignore 

that we were once born on this Earth 

and that one day we shall die..

 But let death await...


A stoical sea-storm of the centuries...

What did you think

When you saw face to face 

Achilles and Great Alexander!!!..

Wise and most respectful as you are

You knew that they had to be defeated

The Persians and Barbarism

And as you bowed before the saying..

"No harm did the Greeks do to the World"..

You gave them the credentials of immortality.. 

And you opened the road to them.. 

The one they had taken 

for the mausoleums of History...


You never got tired

to spread to the world

the voices and oracles

of the Gods..

Do it again as it suits

an imperious Bard..

Here and now

We need the care of the Powers 

of Wholeness and Everything..

I'm speaking to you Levante..

Wise Wind of the Nations...


Blow, you too, Ponente,

Silently like the escape of the day..

Like the enormous prudence 

and wisdom of the sea..

Give me a little from your very blessed air..

From him where one saturday night

An hour like this..

He caressed Helen..

In the horizons of eternity...

Because it wasn't a night

Nor was it a simple love-affair..

It was a whole history..

It was Sparta that held the pen..

And the white paper was Troy...

And exactly as the Greeks understood

We understood too..

How the time had come 

To rise the masts and start..

Like the Kings

that wanted to take their girlfriends back..

We wanted to take back the world 

that we had lost...



  Southern One..



Five parents in the star of the Sky..

You must do something for us...

There, where you'll gather,

Somewhere aside of the Moon

Near the planet Aphrodite..

In your gathering..

I would like to come as a messenger

For the evil that has found us...

Someone had the atrocious idea

From free people

To make us hermits...

In this full Moon

We can't see you..

Because at the window..

Barbarism is waiting to attack us...


Like seekers and supplicants

We await a decision

From the Super Utmost Powers

At last to open the door to us...

In a while..

The Night is coming..

And the tragic soul of Humankind

will feel pain

from the Dynasty of Darkness...

Tramontana*= North Wind

Gregale*= North East or East Wind

Southern One*= South Wind

Levante*= East Wind

Ponente*= Western Wind

Translated from greek 

into english 

by Vasiliki Kalahani

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