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Poetry is the voice of the Gods

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Greek Poet ILIAS FOUKIS - Literary Prizes -


Ordem Heráldica dos Parlamentares e Comendadores do 

This is the prize   '' OSCAR DE DOS OURO VENCEDORES''

 I was given by the Federation of Senators and Deputies of Brazil, Nordestina League in cooperation with ORKUT TV in San Paolo, Brazil on 16 December 21012, the proposal of the President of the Academy of Arts and Letters in Rio de Janeiro, Lady Edinira Silveira. Price is an important given personalities from different fields of Culture, Art, Science and Humanism.


 This is the prize Literary '' MASSIMO D' AZEGLIO'' 

 This literary award given in Barletta, Italy, ADD MAIORA Cultural Association under the auspices of the President of the Association Mrs. Costantine Losccoco. I gained for the poem - King Solomon.


 This is the prize Literary   '' CITTA DEL GALATEO ''

This literary award, given to the city Galatone Italy, Cultural Association - Verbumlandi Art, under the auspices of the President of the Association, Mrs. Regina Resta. I gained about poetic cycle with eight poems translated into Italian by Maurizio De Rosa.

 I want to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the Cultural Association for organizing and literary critic who praised the quality of my work Poetry greeting with poem

Prize Lityerary MASSIMO D'AZEGLIO 2016 for the poem 



If such be
the will of the God on Earth
without needing to sing the praises of Zeus
today I...
             will walk all day on the Earth. 
And more importantly
as soon as I glimpse the secure distance
Ive kept from death...
praise be to Apollo...
I will not be disturbed
            by the demon of Self-Destruct

If such not be
the will of the God of the Heavens
then my dreams
which lay siege to the essence of Existence
will like Sisyphus
            be caught in the nightmare of pointless labor
so not even one meter of heaven will be granted...
and do you know where these Dreams
for a better World
and a Beautiful Greece will end?

Unobserved and slowly
they will be eaten by the rust
            and the dust of forgetfulness. 

If such be
the will of the God of the Sea
my own specters which are armed
with gravity of conscience and forgiveness
will then have the rare opportunity
of washing away the living sins of Troy
which have become the most dangerous Olympus
with their cynical anticipation
be the Eternal Greece before the eyes of the world.

If such not be
the will of the God of Fire
then I who know better the fatal bond
of Greece with Flames
will lose my last
to show mercy
and the Cities will continue
to quietly burn. 

And indeed... if such not be
the will of the God of Love
because of this horrifying alienation
which human emotions have undergone
no one will love me at all. 

The worst thing though is that this Tragedy
will not simply end here...

This God of Love
has come highly touted by Olympus...

A good deal more than your usual Idols
and different from them
usurper of all longings
and with many possibilities for immortality. 

And all the departing travelers
will testify that no matter where they went
they saw none of this incredible love anywhere
which in itself would be enough to convince
the easily deceived world
that the Summit had been worth the effort. 

Few people love each other in this World. 

And these few
love each other only as much as they are permitted
by the thought that you can never ascend into the Great Sky
because there... there has truly evolved
                              an anthropic History
but one that's been lived by the Gods alone... 

And for us to stay in the life which endures
more or less but for a single Season
we in any case my dear Apollo
were in no quandary...
            felt no mystery...
because we never expressed any interest
in being Gods. 

The problem is very simple...

We are not wanted
on this Earth... 

Utterly paralyzed and directionless
we have moved about in the world
without being observed by anyone... 

Perhaps we should get organised
we the Great Anonymous mass
to bring this madness with false
Heroes to an end
those who only the Gods with their
own wretchedness know how to erect... 

And as if Troy wasn't enough
to tyrannise Greece
then Olympus went and committed a crime
            of its own as well.

The brain of the World has become stupefied
flinging at their hollow heads
its ferocious desire
            to be God. 

By these Gods
which will control everything from on high
and even more appalling
us who Will and Chance in tandem have
            wanted to keep down here...
despite the fact we roamed the Earth backwards and forwards
to bring about Great Changes in the World
all opinion will defame us
and none of our testimony will ever be heard. 

And that is also why I'm afraid
that we who walked on the Earth alone
will be left completely devoid of history.

Translation by   PHILIP RAMP

Saturday, November 9, 2013



Quando gradeias a terra és obrigado a olhar para os dois lados.
Quando desvias a cabeça do lado esquerdo do coração sentes-te satisfeito porque és aquele que espantosamente arrasta sobre o gélido academicismo da Matéria. Pensamento e Temporada.
Quando viras a cabeça para o lado direito dos Sonhos tristemente confirmas que tudo ganhou uma alma e que nesta Ordem Nova das Coisas a Terra é que te está a arrastar com uma disposição feroz e com o demonismo do declínio.
E que nada mais podes fazer do que pôr travões no coração e nas paixões acreditando que a evolução da História na tua mente... tão cheia de pensamentos... é que te deveriam levar à conclusão que seria a felicidade absoluta mesmo que tivesses a ser arrastado mas olhando para o centro... que é sempre o alvo.
Depois concluis que desde que perdeste o lado esquerdo do Coração e também o lado direito dos Sonhos deverás ficar exactamente onde estás.
Como um grito de raiva e indignação por os movimentos errados dos Mundos.
Tradução livre de Maria Jovita Caires

Monday, July 8, 2013




Në akullnajat e ftohta të Antarktidës
e vetmja që më mungonte,

ishte ngrohtësia,
e cila gjendej me shumicë
vetëm në shkretëtirën e Saharës.

Në nxehtësinë
dhe në thatësirën e Saharës
i vetmi që më mungonte ishte gjelbërimi ,
i cili gjendej me shumicë
vetëm në pyjet e dendur të Amazonës.

I zhytur në Oazin e Amazonës
e vetmja gjë që më mungonte 

ishte Lartësia,
e cila gjendej me shumicë
vetëm në Malet e Himalajeve.

Tani që arrita në majën e Himalajeve
e shoh se prej këtej
nuk mund të ëndërosh asgjë tjetër.

Në këtë Lartësi qetësia dhe siguria
janë kaq të paprekshme
saqë unë mund të vdes në vetmi.

Prandaj, po qe se dua të jetoj
e vetmja zgjidhje
është zbritja.


Përktheu nga greqishtja