Greek Poet      ILIAS   FOUKIS
Poetry is the voice of the Gods

Sunday, January 4, 2015



The Greek poet ILIAS FOUKIS , was born on 20 August 1969 in Epirus in northwestern Greece. Began to write poetry since 1988 when he was student in the Lyceum. Published volume of poetry THE TESTAMENT OF A LESSER GOD , which has been translated into ten languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.. Has won literary awards - OSCAR DE DOS OURO VENCEDORES, Brazil 2012 - MASSIMO D'AZEGLIO, Italy, 2012, 2013 - CITA DEL GALATEO, Italy in 2013. MASSIMO D;AZEGLIO 2016. His poem titled YOUNG GREEK SOLITARY was included in Poetry Anthology - U.S. Library of Congress. Works and lives in Athens.


The thought you are leaving
ceaselessly irrevocably from me
has brought to a halt at the Gates of my heart
the motion of Stars..Birds...
Dreams.... Thoughts
and all the Planets
at exactly the point of their happiest days.

Despite all that
such unconscious imaginings
die early
and there is a great likelihood
that as soon as the funeral service of Matter
has been eradicated from my suspicions 
you will come back to me one day again.

But nothing will change
regarding the consequences of that Procession 
because since I never wanted to be alone
I would ask you...

Where were you so long?
Since the creation of the World?
With whom? could you yourself have been anywhere ?

The Stars...
in their light
not able to stand the cold of loneliness
hoping that virility
will be glowing somewhere else...

The birds
whose motion will remind you
how you too could seek out another roof...

The thoughts
how they convinced you that you Exist..!

The Dreams
with which this landscape has misted over
you would have asked something more from nature...

Finally...All the Planets
going round them
the one after the other 
believing that you were somewhere...
well then, all these were in me...! 

Translation by  PHILIP  RAMP


  1. Andreas Evangelos Vanezis --- POET ---
    I hope you don't leave, you have a gift and you know it.
    The greatest poet that ever lived , may have never been know by anybody, but I'm sure he enjoyed his work.
    Write for yourself, not others and I'm sure there heart will follow.
    There will always be critics the trick is to not mind that they exist.

  2. SUSI PRASAD --- Poet from India ---
    ''... Sir... Can you please send me poems on love and lost..
    I really wonder of what is inside your brain ..awesome it is I think Einstein never put such focus on his research...''