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Sunday, January 4, 2015



The Greek poet ILIAS FOUKIS , was born on 20 August 1969 in Epirus in northwestern Greece. Began to write poetry since 1988 when he was student in the Lyceum. Published volume of poetry THE TESTAMENT OF A LESSER GOD , which has been translated into ten languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.. Has won literary awards - OSCAR DE DOS OURO VENCEDORES, Brazil 2012 - MASSIMO D'AZEGLIO, Italy, 2012, 2013 - CITA DEL GALATEO, Italy in 2013. MASSIMO D;AZEGLIO 2016. His poem titled YOUNG GREEK SOLITARY was included in Poetry Anthology - U.S. Library of Congress. Works and lives in Athens.


Written in the desert on Desertion
Gods Masterpiece...

It violates the rules of
the Art of Writing
with absolutely no trace of Humanism
mocking everyone
with an absurd use of Exaggeration
which neither more nor less
is what the Human Being must silently accept
and even be pleased
with his end and his utter demolition...

And worst of all...
that afterward Heaven will have the last word
and like a beast will open its Gates
to keep the human being 
far from the sins of Earth!

This...God says
is his obligation to the World
to take human flesh and bone
and make them soul...
but without
having the right to breath!

Just as you hear the Procession that accompanies a person
who leaves behind a crown with barbs
adorned with complaint and anger
about this God who brought him into the World
and now...
violently imposing his will
takes him back. 

Translation by  PHILIP  RAMP 

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